The elephant in the room of a million women

The elephant in the room of a million women
An obscure, completely hidden part of every human body is the pelvic floor.
What’s that, you asked? That is the part of you that allows you to deliver a baby and control your urge to void at a place without good toilet facilities.
Many muscles in the floor of the belly cavity together function to support all the internal organs. Hence the term pelvic floor.
In women, childbirth causes the pelvic floor to become weak, leading to problems. Many women, as much as 25% of seniors, develop inability to control their bladder functions, and many complain of their internal organs coming out of their orifices. The uterus or the rectum come out in the condition known as prolapse.
This typicaly leads to the surgeon’s office and a stint in hospital for surgery. The uterus is removed and the pelvic floor repaired, and in the case of rectal prolapse the rectum is fixed to the tail bone so that it doesn’t come down again.

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