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Welcome To Clinic Ramana

The state of the art center for the most advance hernia and weight loss solution.

One of India’s most respected names in hernia and bariatric surgery.

Clinic Ramana is the place to take your complicated or complex surgical problems, more so, if they are related to hernias and obesity.

Clinic Ramana is the office of Dr. B. Ramana. He is a highly experienced and skilled bariatric, hernia and laparoscopic surgeon based in Kolkata. He has surgical experience of over 30 years and has treated thousands of successful cases in his career.

What can patients expect?

Kind and Empathising staff and doctors, who will take care to ensure all concerns are addressed. The team is consciously focused on delivering the highest level of service, starting from how phone calls are handled to how complex surgeries are performed.

The clinic’s motto is: “Trust is priceless.”

Dr. Ramana takes utmost care to give the most unbiased professional treatment options to the patient, avoiding bad choices commonly seen in commercially inclined centers. Every patient is treated the same way as a close family member.

Trust is not easy to earn these days, We live and thrive on it.

picture of Dr B Ramana famous hernia surgeon and specialist in India
long term patients support

Long-term Support

We believe in Long term Care.

expert multidisciplinary team of clininc ramana

Multidisciplinary Team

We have diverse and highly experienced team.

personalised services for patients

Personalised Service

We believe in no ‘one size fits all’ in weight loss.

best care provided at clinic ramana

World-Class Care

Clinic Ramana was set-up to provide world-class care to our clients.

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Our Services

Advanced laparoscopy

We use lapro-endoscopic surgery to treat our patients which is minimally invasive and maximally effective. Advanced laparoscopy is the most safest approach to treat all kinds of Hernias and Obesity related problems.

Hernia surgery

We have highly experienced Hernia surgeons to perform any kind of Hernia like Inguinal Hernia, Femoral Hernia, Umbilical Hernia etc. With Awr surgery we restore the functionality of abdominal wall.

Bariatric surgery

Bariatric treatment is an effective weight loss treatment for obese patients. Our Bariatric surgeons performs surgeries like Sleeve Gastrectomy, Mini Gastric Bypass surgery and Roux-En-Y Bypass surgery etc.

Our Expert

Our Bariatric and Hernia Surgery specialists provides the most unbiased professional treatment and explain what one can expect during each stage of surgery process, from choosing your options to maintaining your weight.

Dr B Ramana Hernia and obesity surgeon in India

Dr. B. Ramana

  • Dr. Ramana is a senior Hernia surgeon
  • He is specialised in Bariatric sugery
More Info
dr ankit mishra AWR surgeon in India

Dr. Ankit Mishra

  • He is Laparo-endoscopic hernia specialist
  • Dr. Mishra is a specialised bariatric surgeon
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clinic Testimonials

Obesity, had taken a toll on my health by reducing my stamina and self-confidence. I had lost all hopes until one day, I met the Bariatric surgery specialists at Clinic Ramana, who changed my life completely. After having Mini Gastric Bypass surgery from the surgeons, life has started falling back into place. With their recommended diet plan, I lost 25 kg and still going on. Thanks, to the whole Team of Clinic Ramana for being so supportive and empathetic towards their patients, all the time.

Mr. Kaushik, Kolkata

clinic Testimonials

Running your Boutique is not easy, you must dress smartly and be on your toes, all the time. But due to my obesity, I was not able to do any of these and this was making me frustrated from inside and was hindering my success. But then, I heard about Dr. B. Ramana, and went for a check-up and came out with the determination of ‘undergoing a Sleeve Gastrectomy Bariatric surgery’, which changed my life completely and for better

Ms. Albina, New Delhi

clinic Testimonials

Having a 9 to 5 job completely affected my health. I had pain all over my body especially knees and back and was becoming overweight, which resulted in Depression and low self-esteem. But thanks to Clinic Ramana’s Overweight Surgery, which not only helped me to lose 70 Pounds but also helped me to manage my weight loss plan so well.

Mr. Amit, Kolkata

clinic Testimonials

I was becoming overweight day by day due to my sedentary lifestyle and routine, many years and nothing was working in my favor. So, I went to Clinic Ramana, hoping to get a solution for overweight problem and luckily, I was at the right place. I have found the best bariatric surgeons in kolkata that helped me to choose the right procedures for me according to my lifestyle and routine. All Thanks to the Surgeons at Clinic Ramana for being so supportive and sensitive towards our issues.

Ms.Priya, Kolkata

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