Medical Weight Loss Solution

loosing weight after bariatric surgery
doctor ramana with his patient after her obesity surgery
female patient after losing 40kg weight

Overweight and obesity represent serious health problems in today’s world. Having a healthier lifestyle and lower body weight can increase energy and overall welfare, as well as reduce the risk of developing a series of diseases related to obesity, such as metabolic disease, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, osteoarthritis, asthma, sleep apnea and many more.

However, in a high-paced and high-stress society, losing weight is not always easy. Many patients attempt and fail to lose weight on their own. In order to improve health and help patients address overweight or obesity issues, medically supervised weight loss programs are now giving patients the means they need to lose weight and keep it off.

The main purpose is not only to help patients lose and manage their body weight, but also to maintain a healthier lifestyle, improve quality of life and decrease the risk of diseases.

Hence, identify a customized weight loss program that is safe and treats weight issues and other types of problems effectively.

This weight loss program works on the natural body cycle in a unique four-step process:

1. Identify where you are going wrong by assessment.
2. Correct where you are going wrong by rectification.
3. Loss weight and rejuvenate your body by nutrition.
4. Maintain a fit body and good health by follow up.

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